The Little Things #15 – Kittens and Whole30 Escapades

The Little Things

It’s that time again – a quick stock-check of life to appreciate all the little things that make life sweeter. The last month has been full-on with the notable arrival of kittens to the Ship-Shape household! I’ve also thrown myself back into exercising and a new eating plan with gusto. Here are the little things I’ve been loving in August…

Blogging about: My cheap-as-chips vintage wedding outfit, a round-up of mini feminist book reviews and the British beauty essentials I picked up while I was in the UK last month.
Watching: Matilda at the Orpheum Theatre – we managed to get a pair of cheap tickets for this production and I’m so pleased we did as it was just as good as I hoped it would be, especially the sets and the actors that played Mr and Mrs Wormwood.
Making: So much food! Since starting Whole30, a healthy eating program that I’m undertaking to kick my sugar habit, I’ve tried so many new recipes – my favourites are tuna, salmon and sweet potato fishcakes, plush pan fried salmon with a mango and avocado salsa – delicious!
Buying: Lots of fruit and veg – I swear, I’ve kept half the staff of Whole Foods employed with the amount I’ve spent in there over the last few weeks. Also, I caved and bought a spiralizer – I bloomin’ love it and ‘courgetti’ is now one of my favourite foods.
Reading: It Starts With Food (the Whole30 book by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig) and Kittens for Dummies – never will I mock a ‘for Dummies’ book again – this one has been so useful to us in the last couple of weeks. I’ve also just finished The Pearl that Broke Its Shell by Nadia Hashimi, which this month’s book club choice. It’s set in Afghanistan and follows the lives of two female relatives who experience the tradition of ‘bacha posh’, where young Afghani girls are allowed to dress and behave as boys. It was beautifully written and shed light on to the cultural practices of Afghanistan. If you enjoyed Tale of A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini then you’d love this.
Listening to: All the strange sounds our new kittens, Florence (pictured) and Yoda have been making. We’ve had them just over two weeks and since we introduced them to one another last weekend, they’ve been making all sorts of chirping sounds when playing together.
Wearing: Braids and Breton tops in Bristol.
Eating: Whole30-approved foods (see above). I’ve never dieted or changed my eating habits drastically before, so I’m amazed at how well this eating plan is working for me. I am looking forward to the day macaroni cheese comes back into my life though.
Enjoying: Spending time with our kittens. At two and three months old, they are a handful but a joy to be around. Watching them interact with each other, test their limits (and our furniture!) and being able to come home to them after a stressful day is simply wonderful. Nothing beats reading a book with a sleepy kitten curled up next to me.
Looking forward to: Starting my new job! I’ve been freelancing for British clients but I now have a full time position here in San Francisco – exciting times. I’m also looking forward to Christmas. There, I said it. I’m not wishing the rest of summer and autumn away and I promise there will be no more C-bombs for at least three months, but we’ve decided to come back to the UK for it so I’m already daydreaming about Mama Ship-Shape’s roast potatoes…

What little things have you been loving lately?

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